14th Annual Scientific Sessions:
Cardiac Adaptations to Obesity, Diabetes
and Insulin Resistance

Novel Targets and Therapies

Beijing, China • 9-12 October 2016



  • Registration fees

      Early Registration
    (until 1 August 2016)
    Late Registration
    (until 1 September 2016)
    *To qualify for the reduced rate, participants must fall in one of the following categories: student (undergraduate to Ph.D.), postdoc or clinical fellows; postdocs or clinical fellows with over 6 years experience are not eligible for the discount. A confirmation must be provided by the direct supervisor (further details are available during registration procedure).
    **The fee covers meals and the excursion on Tuesday; it does not allow access to the scientific sessions or poster viewing.
    Regular Registration $ 625 $ 800
    Student/Trainee Registration* $ 425 $ 550
    Guest Registration** $ 150 $ 150

    The rate for corporate participants who are also SHVM 2016 sponsors is 800 USD; the rate for non-sponsoring corporate participants is 1,200 USD.
    Please contact us directly for additional information before registering.

    N.B. Chinese residents benefit from a reduced rate. Additional information will be available after registration, through your personal mySHVM page.

    The deadline for early registration is 1 August 2016.

    The "complete package" (regular or students/trainees) entitles delegates to the following:

    • All coffee breaks and meals, including the Gala dinner on Tuesday.
    • Entry to all scientific sessions and poster viewing.
    • A copy of the Programme & Abstracts book.
    • Excursion on Tuesday afternoon.

    The registration fee does not include accommodation. Check the Accommodation tab for further details on this subject.

    Please note that the meeting is limited to 150 participants. You are strongly encouraged to register as soon as possible (if overbooked, registrations will be closed).

    Cancellation policy

    No refunds will be provided after 9 September 2016.


  • Guidelines for Abstracts


    Abstracts are accepted exclusively through your personal mySHVM page; you will need to register to have access to the latter. Registration does not require an immediate payment but all submitted abstracts will be discarded if payment is not received by 1 August 2016.

    Submission deadline to be considered for oral presentation is 8 July 2016. The Scientific Committee will then review the received abstracts for inclusion in the scientific programme in one of the following formats:

    • Oral Abstract Sessions
      Selected abstracts will be presented during specific symposia as deemed appropriate by the organising committee.
    • Poster Abstract Session
      Posters will be displayed throughout the meeting, with ample opportunity for presentation and discussion.

    The organising committee will communicate to the authors via e-mail by 20 July 2016 whether their abstract will be an oral or poster presentation.

    "William C. Stanley" Early Investigator Award

    The "William C. Stanley" Early Investigator Award (EIA) highlights the scientific accomplishments of promising young researchers and is a major focus of the Annual Congress of the Society for Heart and Vascular Metabolism. There will be four finalists, and for each the registration fee (including accommodation costs) will be waived. The finalists will present their work in a special section of the plenary sessions.

    Entrants for the EIA competition should be either students or postdoctoral fellows (postdocs or clinical fellows with over 6 years experience are not eligible for the competition).

    Admission to the EIA competition is by submission of an abstract and a curriculum vitae by the abstract deadline. In the event that an entrant is not selected as an EIA finalist, the abstract will still be considered for presentation as a regular communication at the meeting and for publication as part of the meeting proceedings.

    Previous winners of the "William C. Stanley" Early Investigator Award (or its precursor, termed "Early Investigator Commendation") are not eligible for this competition.

    A more detailed document regarding the EIA can be obtained through this link.

    The EIA application deadline is 8 July 2016, and notification of commendations will be given by 20 July 2016.


    English is the official language for the meeting.


  • Accommodation

    Accommodation for all SHVM participants will be at Peking University's Zhongguanyuan Global Village. The conference venue itself offers two hotel alternatives (in Buildings #1 and #9; see also the venue map in the Getting there tab) and the Organisers have reserved a number of rooms at preferential rates for SHVM participants. You will simply need to indicate your arrival and departure dates. Payment for your accommodation is not included in the registration fee: you will need to pay for your hotel at check-in (most major credit cards are accepted).

    Building #1 hosts a 4-star hotel, where two-bed rooms cost ~90 USD/night. At Building #9 there is a 3- star hotel, where two-bed rooms cost ~70 USD/night and rooms with queen-size beds cost ~60 USD/night.

    More information about the hotels and the possibility to indicate your exact dates of arrival and departure are available through your personal mySHVM page after registration.

  • Organised Excursions

    One excursion is included in the attendance fee (11 October) while the others must be subscribed separately.

    Tuesday, 11 October

    Summer Palace

    This excursion is included in the registration fee of all participants. Delegates will be taken from the meeting venue after lunch to the Summer Palace. The return is planned for the end of the afternoon.

    Summer Palace

    Wednesday, 12 October

    These alternative excursions are not included in the registration fee and all delegates interested must sign up on site.

    Option 1. Forbidden City - Qianmen

    The tour bus will leave at 13:30 and will get to the gate of the Fobidden City at ~14:30. The guests can spend up to 3 hours touring the Forbidden City. The tour bus will then take the group to Qianmen, where the guests can enjoy an authentic Beijing dinner at ~18:00 and tour the traditional shops. The bus will drive through Tiananmen Square. The cost is 600 RMB(~90 USD).

    Forbidden city
    Option 2. Temple of Heaven - Tiananmen Square - Qianmen

    The tour bus will leave at 13:30 and get to the Temple of Heaven at ~15:00. Participants can spend 1-2 hours in the temple. The bus will then take the group to Tiananmen Square, where the guests can spend 1 hour. The tour bus will follow on to Qianmen, where the guests can enjoy an authentic Beijing dinner at ~18:30 and tour the traditional shops. The cost is 600 RMB(~90 USD).

    Temple of Heaven
    Tiananmen square

    Thursday, 13 October

    This excursion is not included in the registration fee and all delegates interested must sign up on site.

    Great Wall

    For participants staying on in Beijing, the organisers have arranged a day trip. The tour bus will depart in the morning and take the guests to the Mutianyu Great Wall; the journey takes approximately 3 hours. The "trail" (meaning tourist can walk/climb) on this part of the Great Wall is ~5.4 km (3.5 miles). The scenic views along the Wall are quite nice and participants will have about 3 hours here. The return drive will be another 3 hours and the guests will be returned to the meeting venue. The cost for this one-day trip is 600 RMB(~90 USD).

    Great Wall
  • Planning your trip


    ZGV-1 This year's SHVM meeting will be held at Peking University's Zhongguanyuan Global Village. Scientific sessions (talks and poster presentations) as well as accommodation for all participants will make use of two of the Village's buildings. State-of-the-art conference halls and excellent rooming choices will provide a perfect setting for all participants. Details for planning our trip are indicated below. Please remember that, in keeping with the tradition of the SHVM, the number of participants will be capped at 150—register soon!

    Visas and Invitation Letters

    In most cases, you must have a valid passport and a visa to visit China. If you are planning to attend the SHVM meeting, you should check with your nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate General about exact visa requirements and application procedure. You are strongly encouraged to do this as early as possible, since unexpected delays could compromise your attendance.

    For attending a scientific conference, a tourist visa (L Visa) is generally sufficient, but please check with your local Chinese authorities. Remember, the Chinese authorities issue the visa, not your home government. An "attendance letter" will be provided by the conference organisers for those who need one. Additional information about this is available through your mySHVM area (myDocs section), after registration.

    Also, should you need a formal letter of invitation or acceptance of your abstract for administrative purposes (such as applying for local financial support, etc.), please send us a request after registration. A generic letter will be prepared for you.

    Arriving in Beijing

    PKE-0 All major international airlines offer daily flights to Beijing, mostly landing at Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK), the world's second busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic. It is located about 32 km northeast of Beijing's city center and just over 30 km from the conference venue. Please note that it has three different terminals; unimportant when arriving but very useful to keep in mind for your departure. The largest and most recently built is Terminal 3, inaugurated for the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

    Getting to the Venue

    From the airport to the campus of Peking University, the most convenient way is to take a taxi. It costs about 100-120 yuan, already including a 10-yuan highway toll; see also the section on local currency, below. From the Arrivals Hall, follow the signs to the taxi rank outside. If you are approached by people offering transportation, it is best to ignore them. The trip from the airport to Zhongguanyuan Global Village takes about 40-50 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. Your final destination is
        No.126 Zhongguancun North Street
        Haidian District
        Beijing 100871

    PKE-Airport Express Alternatively, especially if you arrive before 10 p.m., you may take the Airport Express of the Beijing Subway to Sanyuanqiao; the trip costs 25 yuan. At Sanyuanqiao, first take Subway Line 10 to Haidian Huangzhuang, then transfer to Subway Line 4 and get off at the East Gate of Peking University. From Sanyuanqiao to East Gate of Peking University, the trip costs 5 yuan.

    A map of the Beijing subways can be found here.

    Another alternative is to take the airport shuttle bus no. 5, with the final stop in Zhong-guan-cun. From there, you should take a taxi to Zhongguanyuan Global Village. The total cost in this case is 26 yuan (16 + 10 yuan).

    Once at Peking University, the map below (also available here) will help you walk to Building #1 or #9 of Zhongguanyuan Global Village. Scientific sessions will be held in Building #1 and hotel accommodation will be provided in both Building #1 and Building #9. Buildings #1 and #9

    If you have difficulty finding building #1, try showing this sign:


    To find building #9, try:


    In each case, you are asking for directions to the corresponding building; the contact telephone is also provided. A translation would be
    Sir, could you please take me the No.1 (No.9) building of the Zhongguanyuan Global Village of the Peking University, thank you! If you cannot locate the place, please call the front desk at 62752288.

    The general telephone contact for the venue is (+86 10) 6275 2288.


    After registering for this meeting, you will have access to your personal mySHVM space. Amongst other things, you will be provided with additional information about room reservations and the preferential hotel rates secured by the local organisers.

    Local Money and Currency Exchange

    The official Chinese currency is the Renminbi (RMB or CNY), which can be literally translated as "the people's money". The basic unit is the yuan (plural, yuan), indicated locally by the Chinese character — at the time of writing, mid 2016, 100 yuan are roughly equivalent to 15.20 USD (13.60 EUR; 10.50 GBP).

    It is advisable to have a small amount of local money with you, since taxis and other public transportation accept only cash. You are encouraged to use ATMs or one of the banks at Beijing Capital International Airport to get cash upon arrival. The exchange rate is officially controlled so variability between banks and locations is very small (and it can even be advantageous at the airport, contrary to other countries). If you wish to check the official exchange rate of your home currency, the Bank of China offers this page in English. If needed, you will find many banks throughout the city. More importantly, ATMs are never very far and you should be able to get cash from them using a credit card. Additionally, a Citibank branch is not too far from the campus.

    Before departure, you can also use the banks in the airport to change local currency back into your home currency.

    Getting Around

    Within the city, the most convenient way to move anywhere that is not within walking distance is to take a taxi. It is cheap (by Western standards; 2 yuan per kilometer) and safe. You should pay exactly the amount shown in the meter. Do not pay tips. Tips and tax are included in the price. The night rate (between 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.) has a 20% surcharge. Be aware of unlicensed taxis, as these will often overcharge you. The plate number of a licensed taxi begins with B.

    Alternatively, you may take the subway for longer trips (e.g., going downtown).

    Although the bus services can get you to any point and the cost is very low (1 yuan per ride), this is not generally recommended, especially for newcomers on their first visit. Buses tend to be slow, can be unpredictable in terms of timetables, and are also quite crowded.